Train horn hook up, how do you hook up a semi horn or train horn to a pancake compressor

The valve comes with a brass fitting. The left switch is the power to the compressor if the pressure switch kicks the compressor on. They also have enabled me to have an onboard air supply which I use to fill my tires every time we go wheeling. You can leave the stock horns connected or unplugged as I did, it is up to you.

Spanish instructions are included. Using a blowgun, blow compressed air from your air compressor into the hole at the rear of the air horn. Obviously its not that simple but just follow along.

  1. The Model is all metal construction with an enamel painted base.
  2. This is all assuming your current relay and switch setup is normal and not done some weird way.
  3. The compressor will only kick on when the tank is below psi and the accessory line has power and with the toggle switch engaged.
  4. You must unplug the connector to see the numbers.
Train Horn Installation Guide
Truck Air Horn 11 Steps

Then tap out the plastic and mount the coupler. When I press the button, I hear the compressor running. Know that your need dictates how much you need to do. Now, good first lets get to installing it.

The mounting base of the Model fastens with four stainless steel bolts which provide a secure watertight installation. Installation is made easy with Wolo's new flexible inlet hose with brass fittings. Be sure not to kink any airlines or have any with extreme angle bends. Plus it's kind of fun to scare the shit out of my army buddies.

Horn hook vs knuckle couplers

Their couplers are truck mounted and may be a real pain to change. The Giant's beautiful chrome appearance will look great on any truck, and its superior performance will provide an alerting sound for a greater distance. Every component of the horn is made to withstand the extremes in weather conditions. Flexible air tubing is strong enough and will suffice between the valve and horns.

Be sure to keep the switch in the off position when not using the horn, pressing the lock button twice or the panic button will make the train horns honk if the switch is engaged. Gives any truck a true train horn sound. It is best because panic should trigger train horn regardless of switch position. It requires keeping an air tank in your truck full of compressed air and mounting an air horn somewhere.

Train Horn Installation

It's on more than one occasion saved my truck from being hit by someone else who wasn't paying attention, its scared the living hell out of people who have cut me off and it's also been pretty fun. Here is a picture of the holes all drilled and one horn being test fit. To do so, unscrew the back plates on each trumpet. Method C is the fastest easiest and most reliable option once you get an alarm. You will need to buy brass fittings to make a tight seal between the solenoid and the air tank.

The solenoid remains engaged as long as the horn button is depressed. The compressor's motor computer balanced, reducing noise and vibration. It sucks but I'm not the only one. Didn't have to worry about coupler height with them either. Also I'd like to note that the compressor was not wired to the ignition so if it needs to refill the tank due to a loss of pressure, it will with the truck off.

Installation Guide Maximus Train Horn Kits

Changing the trucks required gluing a new stem of styrene tubing into the car and using screws to hold the trucks. The horns will only work with the toggle switch engaged and when you press the factory horn button. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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The speed the air leaves depends on the size of the fittings and tubing between the tank and the horns. Now plan out where you want the airline to go and then route it away from the horns towards the front of the truck to get it out of the way for now. This presents a problem, because this configuration doesn't work very well either with horn-hooks or with knuckles. Most engines and some cars I've bought recently do actually come with horn-hook couplers that you can put on if you need them, which is not a bad solution. Of course you can still replace the cheap knuckle coupler with the horn hook.

Kit comes with all needed mounting hardware. Installation is made easy with Wolo's heavy-duty compressor and flexible inlet air fitting. Now you can test your horn! Nothing wrong with converting your old stuff over to Kadee's. The Cannon Ball Express requires an on-board air system.

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How do I wire my train horns to the alarm

If you want anything remotely manly, it should be close to two feet long. Now with the included hardware I bolted the tank to the box, I found a small pair of scews and lock nuts and mounted the valve too. The industry now has pretty much switched to kadee clones, considered but no matter what you are best to convert to kadees in the long run. Model Railroader Video Plus.

Do you want to make more noise than anybody else can? Spanish instructions included. This is necessary if you want to be able to use your horn away from your air compressor. Powered by Wolo's new compact heavy-duty compressor that is maintenance free.

The metal base secures to the vehicles using a rubber gasket and stainless steel bolts, providing a water tight installation. This eliminates the need for the blowgun, but requires the purchase of pipes and tubing. Option B is the correct way to do it without an alarm, but is the most difficult, challenging, time consuming, risky, and resource intensive method of all.

Installing an on-board air compressor can be very tricky. Click here to share your story. Don't try to save a few dollars. All moving parts of the compressor are manufactured to strict standards.

Depending on the size and number of your air horns, low pressures of psi will probably be enough to make the horns make some noise, but not enough. It was pretty involved, and it took me a few tries to get to the final result. That's one way to deter thieves. Only a few cents more thah the others. Most Customers choose to activate their horn using the vehicle's stock horn button.

How do you hook up a semi horn or train horn to a pancake compressor

Train horn hook up

You are currently viewing as a guest! This is highly recommended. They will even couple with Kadees on straight track. Gently clean the diaphragm with soap, helsinki hookup proskate tulokset water and a scouring pad. No unfortunately they won't.

After I drilled those four holes I marked and drilled the holes to mount the horns themselves. The compressor's motor is carefully balanced and then mounted on heavy rubber bushing's, free online dating virtually eliminating all vibration. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Be responsible when using this air horn. No high pressure on-board air tank required.

Comes with all needed hardware. Drill batteries work well also. Method A is your best most reliable option for now without an alarm. When you do pick a car to use with different couplers on opposite ends, try to choose one which will be easy to identify quickly.

  • My motive power for the most part is Athern and a couple of Bachmann engines.
  • The other side may just be a rubber tubing connection.
  • Here is how everything gets wired.
  • Both models are constructed of brass which is triple chrome plated.


If a tank explodes, it may be deadly. The following information varies depending on your air horn's intended usage. Kadee makes a coupler height gauge which is very helpful once you switch to knuckles. If you are just needing to call your son in from the backfield, then the air horn and compressor is all you need.

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