Qsc k10 hookup, qsc k series user manual pdf download

Qsc k10 hookup

Reasonable restocking fees. The entire front area is covered by an attractive powder-coated steel grille that fits securely, and appears to offer excellent protection to the drivers behind. Massive amplifier headroom.

I spent a couple of weeks getting CONTINUING THAT TRADITION

The two line outputs are derived directly from the inputs, anastasia dating login and therefore output full-range information. Very good as a floor monitor. Authorized Dealer of most products. The password field is case sensitive.

User Manual

Cons Supplied mounting pole is too short for some applications. This is a very compact and very clean-sounding setup, and I'd be equally happy using it in posh mode or pub mode. That should ensure there's way more than enough headroom available for normal operation, especially when the on-board protection, limiting and driver capability are taken into account. The fan runs only when necessary and is extremely quiet, while clip protection is also discreetly taken care of.

The input section is actually a two-channel mixer, with inputs labelled A and B. Manufacturer's warranty included. The handles are large and are backed by good, deep recesses, which offer plenty of room and protection for your hands.

It does, however, have an input polarity reversal switch. This allows for more even coverage across the listening area and less problems due to rear wall reflections. The two level controls are fitted with nicely recessed rubber knobs. Previous article Next article. Extended Warranty available.

QSC K - Open Box @ The DJ Hookup

  • In terms of what's available on the panel itself, there's a lot.
  • All that's needed to control the input level of one or more speakers from another location is a simple variable-resistor circuit.
  • When speakers are so equipped, I often like to use them angled down toward the audience area, especially in smaller venues.
  • Box was opened for demonstration.


  1. It ships with a mounting pole that screws into the threaded socket built into the top surface.
  2. Despite the high amplifier power capability this obviously isn't a solution for large venues.
  3. The result is a hard, rigid structure with a smooth, matt black finish, reminiscent of a clarinet or recorder body.
Qsc k10 hookup

However, speed dating salem I found the supplied pole too short for many applications without the extension. Full manufacturer's warranty is included. This is extremely useful if the speakers at installed at a great height. This unit has never been used.

Carefully tailored, subtle and sophisticated dynamics processing is used to protect the drivers from damage and the performance from distortion. The K-Series speakers are all fitted with the same amp module, which is rated at a generous overall W. Portable and strongly built. This includes taking account of the driver and enclosure characteristics, and results in a consistent performance across the usable frequency range. Easy and generous returns.

QSC K10 & KSub

Qsc k10 hookup

QSC K10.2 - Open Box (Single)

It also makes life easier when packing things up against the speaker, and it's almost impossible to make a dent unless you're really determined. Be the first to review this product. My favourite application was using the system for a business presentation, where something visually discreet was required. One thing I do like about the K-Series top boxes is the slightly concave shape of the front surface, girl which prevents the cabinet from rolling around if it's laid face down. You'd have to be doing something silly to overdrive or overheat this amp.

Qsc k10 hookup

Excellent products all round. The smooth finish seems fairly resistant to surface scratching and is much easier to wipe clean than a textured poly moulding. Intrinsic Correction techniques are also employed ensuring smooth power response from the loudspeaker. You like this Be the first of your friends to like this.

Qsc k10 hookup. Speakers

Qsc k10 hookup
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