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Re-adjust the hitch to obtain the appropriate measurements. Put the safety clips on the chain latches. Placing The Ball Mount Assembly. We just purchased our Edge trailer and I went to pick it up. Continue jacking up trailer until the truck could be pulled forward.

How To Set Up Weight Distribution Hitch 9 Easy Steps

It may also help to have a friend take the measurements outlined below, or find a friend that weighs about the same as you to simulate you in the tow vehicle while you take the measurements. That means that you should load all the people and cargo into the tow vehicle as if you were going on a trip with your trailer. If you have gotten this far, that means the tow vehicle is sitting reasonably well, but lowering the ball may change things. Before attaching the spring bar to the head assembly, apply a thick fibrous grease to the attachment points on the spring bars. This will add some tongue weight and provide more clearance at the back of the trailer.

There is no right or left spring bar so you can place one on the left and the other on the right. Use the jack to raise the trailer above level. With all of the different adjustments you can make, it may be difficult to find the right combination of hitch head height and angle.

Just make sure that it is tight enough so the ball mount will not move. Send me an email at davidsrvtips gmail. Make good notes as you make your adjustments so if you make a change and it makes things worse instead of better, dating problems you may need to make a different type of adjustment. Start by lining up the tow vehicle and the travel trailer on level pavement and in the straight position.

How To Set Up Weight Distribution Hitch 9 Easy Steps

Raise or lower the assembly to ensure proper setting. Setting Up The Spring Bars. Re-measure and start again at A.

What You Need

With the tow vehicle near the trailer, slide the shank into the receiver, insert the retaining pin and safety clip. Front wheel overload and loss of rear wheel traction can result. Only use the tongue jack for raising and lowering onto the hitch ball. Put a piece of tape at the spots you measured on the trailer to get it parallel to the ground. Again, 40 plus dating proper ball height and angle are essential with a round bar hitch.

The trunnion reinforcement set on the bottom nob of the trunnion through the lower socket of the ball assembly. This bolts onto the shank and is usually adjustable in height and angle. You can't imagine how much easier this will make things.

Purchase the right adjustable hitch bar or the shank to match your trailer coupler height requirements. Raise the lift bracket up and over center so that it is fully seated against the mounting bracket. Attach the hitch ball to the ball mount assembly.

When Is a Weight Distribution System (WDS) Needed

  • Deflate your air shocks and springs to their minimum recommended pressure before assembling your weight distribution hitch.
  • This will allow for easier installation of the chains under the trailer.
  • Insert the hitch bar in the receiving tube of the towing vehicle based on the height of your trailer.

This will reduce friction and extend the life of your weight distribution hitch. Lift up firmly on the chain and mark the chain link that is below the saddle. Like JohnDar, have your trailer wheels chocked. Best thing to do is go to the dealer as Tom suggests and get them to give you instructions, or show you on another trailer.

The nuts and bolts used to attach the hitch head to the shank are usually pretty large. Contact Me Do you need extra help in figuring out if a particular combination will work or not? To install the chain lift brackets, position the spring bar so that it is parallel with the trailer frame and hold the chain vertically along side the trailer. Proper way to hook Weight Distribution Hitch? Once you inserted the bar secure it with the pole pin and a clip.

How to Setup a Weight Distributing Hitch

Note which link is closest to chain hook. Need weight distribution hitch? If the tow vehicle has an automatic suspension leveling system, you will need to deactivate it before coupling the trailer to the tow vehicle, but after and passenger or cargo weight has been added.

Re Proper way to hook Weight Distribution Hitch

Properly Connect Weight Distribution Hitch

They had already hooked up the sway bar and the weight distribution bars when they brought my truck around. Setting Up The Hitch Ball. Next, lower the trailer coupler onto the hitch ball and close coupler latch. Slide the snap up the bracket. If not, dating for well favor the front of the trailer to be slightly lower.

David s RV Tips Hitch Setup

Lock it using the washers and nuts. If so, there is probably not enough tension on the spring bars. With your tape measure, measure the uncoupled height at the rear and front wheel openings to the ground, and the trailer coupler height.

Originally Posted by JohnDar. Move the towing vehicle backward until the hitch ball is under the coupler. Next, note the distance from the rear and front bumper on the tow vehicle to the ground. Make sure that you use the right hitch ball rated for your trailer. If yes, brobible hook up there is probably not enough tension on the spring bars.

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  2. With the trailer disconnected from the tow vehicle, use a tape measure and the tongue jack to level the trailer.
  3. Use the trailer tongue jack and a level to raise or lower the trailer until it is level.
  4. With the lift unit see image in the raised position, pull straight up firmly on spring bar chain.
  5. If not, see the tips below for some suggestions.
  6. Insert the spring bars into hitch head sockets.
Proper way to hook Weight Distribution Hitch

This may require one or more chain links dangling loose from the end, and may require that you use the tongue jack to raise the tongue slightly to accomplish this. Measure and write down the uncoupled height at the front and rear wheel openings to the ground, and the level trailer coupler height see image. Repeat on the other side of the trailer. Is the trailer parallel to the ground or slightly lower in the front than the rear? This should have been done as part of the sale and for free!

Proper way to hook Weight Distribution Hitch

In this video we show you how to properly set up and use your weight distribution hitch. My dealer had everything set up properly when we came out to leave and showed me what to do. If everything is set up properly, your trailer and truck should be level when hitched together. You will use this link as a starting point for hooking into the saddles. And when unhooking what order.

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