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If you want more information about what changes to report, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at your nearest Citizens Advice. Your income and capital To get Housing Benefit, you must have income and capital below a certain level. You might have other reasons.

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Thank you for your feedback. If this is the case, you may have to make up the difference out of any other income you have, or find cheaper accommodation. You have difficulty reading or writing and were not able to ask someone to help you. It can apply if you pay rent to a company or trust that you have some connection with.

For information about Universal Credit, see our section on Universal Credit. The local authority works out how much Housing Benefit you're entitled to based on the rent officer's decision. If you have problems with the way your housing benefit is paid, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at your nearest Citizens Advice. Roadworks and traffic disruptions.

Period of backdating

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Backdating your benefit if you are of pension age

If you can't use the online form, ask for a paper form instead and say why you need it. These rules may still mean that Housing Benefit does not cover all your rent. What are good reasons for claiming late? Volunteer Find out more about volunteering with Shelter Scotland. Remember you must show good cause for the whole period you wish your benefit backdated for.

If you've claimed Housing Benefit by telephone, your local authority may require you to approve a written statement of your circumstances. Can I get help to pay my rent? If you were given the wrong information by the council, or the Department for Work and Pensions, it could amount to good cause. For information on how to apply for a national insurance number, see our page on National Insurance.

  1. If so that will help your appeal.
  2. If you are temporarily away from home and still have to pay rent, you may be able to carry on getting Housing Benefit.
  3. You are a Crown tenant You are a Crown tenant if you rent your home from the Crown or a government department.
  4. This is more likely if you are of working age.

Backdating your benefit if you are of pension age If you are of pension credit age your housing benefit should automatically be backdated for up to three months. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent, or you have got into arrears, you may need to make sure you request backdating for an earlier period. On this page The start date of your benefit claim Difficulty with paying rent and arrears The rules on backdating benefit What happens when a backdated claim is made? This can happen if, for example, you give wrong information or you keep quiet about something, and as a result you get more Housing Benefit than you're supposed to be getting.

  • Did you get this in writing?
  • How much of your rent Housing Benefit can cover is decided by a rent officer.
  • We will confirm this in writing.

South Gloucestershire Council

You can't get Housing Benefit to help with the costs of a mortgage or home loan. This feedback tool can't offer advice. The general rule is that your entitlement to benefit will start the Monday following the day your claim was received by the council.

Backdating deadline looms

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You will also have to show that you are responsible for the rent, for example, by providing a tenancy agreement. If the form is not returned in that time, simulators the claim will start from the Monday after we get your claim form. Housing Benefit is paid by your local authority.

Update on changes to backdating of Housing Benefit

Backdating a benefit claim

For more information on what to do if you are asked to attend an interview under caution, see Problems with benefits and tax credits. You can claim it if you share a flat or a house and can get Housing Benefit as a joint tenant or a sub-tenant. If you are an owner-occupier, you may be able to get help with your mortgage interest through Universal Credit. The more information and evidence you give in support of your claim the quicker a decision can be made.

If you or your partner have reached State Pension age

You will then have the right of revision or appeal against our decision not to backdate your claim. Of course, if it had been the other way around and they had forgotten to charge you for council tax, they would have demanded backpayment. Alternatively, you may be able to claim Housing Benefit by telephone if your local authority has published a phone number for making telephone claims. The amount of the deduction depends on their circumstances.

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If your Housing Benefit does not cover all of your rent and you need more help, you may be able to get some additional money from the local authority. Your claim will be considered by a Benefits Officer. In my experience, councils can be quite lenient with tenants who are in arrears because of problems like these, as long as they are kept informed of your situation at the time. If you are of pension credit age your housing benefit should automatically be backdated for up to three months. Even if you are not committing fraud, you can cause an overpayment which will have to be repaid.

If you or your partner are pension age

Get your claim form or letter to us as soon as possible because it affects the date your benefit claim will start from. For full details of other capital which is ignored, dating online when you should get advice. This applies to both pensioners and people of working age. Welcome to Shelter Scotland.

Thank you, your feedback has been submitted. If you are a local authority tenant, you will not get your Housing Benefit paid to you directly. See Problems with Housing Benefit. In some cases, the amount of your rent which is eligible for benefit will be restricted according to the number of people in your household and the size of your accommodation. It doesn't have enough detail.

Whats a good reason for backdating housing benefit

If you have committed fraud, different rules apply. Instead of using the Local Housing Allowance rules, they look at the rent you pay and decide whether it is reasonable for Housing Benefit to cover all the rent. They also apply to certain kinds of accommodation, for example, where you get care, australian support or supervision in some cases.

However, you must send them a properly completed application form within one month of the date you told them you want to apply. More on Housing Benefit rent restrictions if your social housing is too large. Housing Benefit does not help with the Council Tax, but if you are on a low income you may be able to get a reduction in your Council Tax under a local scheme. What happens when a backdated claim is made? It is therefore very important that you contact as soon as you want to claim.

Housing Benefit may not cover all of your rent or the housing costs which are included in your rent. If you tell the council late you could get paid too much and have to pay your benefits back to the council. Forums Recent Rules My Activity.

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